Our Services

SES main emphasis on the quality of products as well as services that we offer.
We believe that it is the quality and customers satisfaction that makes us the forerunners in this business.

Document Scanning & indexing

  • Data Capture
  • Scanning & Indexing
  • OCR & ICR
  • Image Data Entry
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Medical & Insurance Claims
  • Data Entry Online & Offline Data Entry
  • Offshore Data Entry
  • Online Shopping Cart & Online Store
  • Outsource Data Entry
  • Remote Desktop Server Data Entry

Data Entry & Form filling

  • Catalogue Processing
  • Check Processing
  • Data Capture & Data Extraction
  • Data Mining & Data Cleansing
  • Image Processing & Word Processing
  • Application Processing
  • Insurance Claim Forms Processing
  • Enrollment Forms Processing
  • Survey & Forms Processing
  • Mortgage & Loan Forms Processing

Data Conversion

  • Book Conversion
  • Catalogue Conversion
  • Document Conversion
  • eBook Conversion
  • Paper to PDF, MS, Word,Xls
  • PDF Conversion
  • Enhance E-Pub Conversion
  • Service E-Pub Conversion Services

Sales and Rental services of Scanners and Photo copiers

  • High Speed Scanners
  • Flatbed Scanners
  • All in one Scanner
  • Multibrand Scanners (Kodak, Epson, Fujitsu, Canon etc,.)


  • Print Publishing
  • Copy E-Pubditing
  • Art work and Illustration Services
  • Proofreading
  • ebooks
  • Digitization
  • Transation
  • Offshore Data Entry
  • Yellow page Services

Business Support Services

  • Setting up computers, networking, router, wi-fi, etc.
  • Setting up and configuring email accounts
  • website development and content management
  • Installation or Implementation of various softwares
  • Creating reports or templates
  • Streamlining office procedures

Some Of Our Features Works

Whether it’s scanning medical records, invoices, customer contracts, development applications, engineering plans, hard bound books, SES employ tried and tested digitization workflow.

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Document Scanning

SES provides professional and scalable document scanning services for the digitisation of paper documents into files. If you have a hard-copy document then we can scan it.

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Book Scanning

SES has developed book scanning equipment and processes to allow high quality scanning of books, minutes, brochures, ledgers, programs up to A1 in size.

Data & Document Conversion

Convert your archives – paper-based, microform and digital – into easy to use electronic documents using state-of-the-art technologies and leading industry know-how for optimal text conversion results.

Data Entry

Our principal strength lies in the comprehensive production planning and extensive quality control procedures.

Data Entry & Form filling


Benefits of Data Entry From Images SES India is specialized in online data entry services and provides a world class quality and high accuracy data entry services at affordable cost

  • No compromise on quality
  • We provide quality services at very cost effective prices.
  • We provide customer support for 7 days in week.
  • Project is done with quick turnaround time.

Image Data Entry & Image Processing

Image Data entry converts scanned images into a particular electronic format. We are providing quality and cost effective image data entry services. We scan the image in various formats like as PDF, jpeg etc and then the data entry is done in the MS word or MS Excel. OCR is done to check and correct the errors. Image data entry experts can handle the large data and deliver within time period.
Why Image Processing ?
In today's business world, image processing, document processing services is important. They can help transform the information provided on paper and other media into variety of digital formats.
Image Data Entry Services : We offer both online and offline image data entry. We handle all size of projects. You can send the requirements through email. We stress on the quality of work and security of your data.
Book Entry : We provide book entry services which includes the conversion of the text and images in to MS word.
Handwritten data : We accept the raw data in the form of PDF or jpeg or tiff images or hard copy of handwritten documents from client and then the data is converted into MS word.

  • Image capturing & Resizing
  • Legal Document data entry
  • Image data entry into spreadsheet
  • Image data entry into database
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Data Conversion Services


Data Conversion: SES uses exclusive software, and conversion techniques crafted by our own technicians, to perform complex data conversion services carefully tailored to suit a wide range of business needs. Businesses with multiple forms of data content, such as files, catalogs, periodicals, web data, PDF, or databases require a streamlined, single-use format in order to best access their data quickly and easily.

SES is a pioneer in providing data conversion services. By providing global customers with cost-effective services without compromising on quality.

Outsource Data Conversion Services

Huge amount of data present in multiple formats is a reason to worry for all businesses, whether big or small. Discrepancy in data type, text, and format leads to data redundancy, and calls for data normalization and storage at a central repository.
What is data conversion?
Data is the lifeline of any business that deals with the flow of information as the baseline for its success. Information is data converted into a meaningful form. In this respect data conversion plays a critical role in centralizing the flow of information and regulating the same.
Why outsource data conversion?
Data conversion can be outsourced to a third party vendor to reduce costs and ensure a quick turnaround time. If you are looking to outsource data conversion services, you should opt for India as your destination. There are many good reasons for this. Some of them are:
1. Cost-effectiveness: Data conversion in India has obvious cost advantages due to the availability of highly skilled manpower at affordable rates.
2. Easily convert all documents into digital formats: You can convert data from whichever format you have into an electronic one easily and effectively by engaging the services of outsourcing providers like SES.
3. Save on resources: Outsourcing data conversion saves you the trouble of hiring otherwise expensive resources in your home country. This is due to the wage differential between western countries and India.

  • Store Any Form of Data
  • Convert Hard and Digital Copies
  • Easily Transferable Data
  • Easily Shared or Stored Data
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Photo and Document Scanners


Document Scanners Today's scanners are highly specialized, so first you need to consider the type of scanner that will best suit your needs. If you dream of a paperless office or wants to digitize your tax files, a document scanner is your best choice. If it's photos and film rather than receipts that need scanning, consider a flatbed desktop scanner.

printer or scanner : on rental is the best option to be considered especially if your company or business is short on cash. Clear Choice Technical Service offers printer and scanner renting program which will surely suitable to your budget.

Leasing or renting rather than buying is a wise choice especially when the business was still new since at that time, mostly just wanted to be charged with cheaper expenses. With that, a newly start-up business can opt to get a printer or scanner without any initial investment. It is rather the best and affordable choice. Aside from being an affordable choice, you can also choose any brand you want, especially the latest models of printers or scanners. Leasing or renting a printer or scanner also helps in an easy technology upgrade, so it is an advantage for you if you want a new printer with updated features.

Sales & Rentals

Scanner Rentals :
There can be a lot of reasons why you need to rent a Scanner. It could be because you have not decided what type of Scanner to get; you do not have money to pay for it or if you only need it for just a period of time. The reasons to rent a Scanner are endless thus; knowing your options will be very valuable in this situation. Getting Scanner rentals is surely a great solution for many people, like you.
Why scanners and printer on rental?
Another advantage of leasing a printer or scanner is that, one can wish to lease equipments for just a specific time period, whether you will just need to use it for a month or for a year. They have Long-term and Short-term contracts for leasing, but the lease rates will depend on the model and the duration of the lease How to choose
Your purchase decision will depend on many considerations. The first step is understanding the key features of digital Scanners, to help you compare different makes and models. They include:

Print speed - Unlike older models that capped out at around 30 pages per minute (ppm), newer digital Scanners are capable of printing anywhere from 22 ppm on the low end up to 100 ppm with deluxe models. Reducing warm-up requirements, "first copy out" speeds have also improved and now range between 3.5 to 7.5 seconds.
Print volume - Depending on the size of the machine, paper capacity is often listed as "tray" and "cassette." Basic models are capable of 100 sheets in the tray and 250 in the cassette. Large-scale, multifunction machines can accommodate up to 500 sheets in the tray and more than 2,000 sheets often distributed throughout two or more cassettes.
Added functionalities - These are the features that really have the potential to cut costs throughout your organization. Multifunctional machines may include wireless connectivity, interactive touch-screen controls, image editing, large built-in hard drives for document storage, enhanced security and reduced operational costs through Energy Star compliance.
Graphic capabilities - Commonly known as multifunction or production printers, models with graphic capabilities ensure the highest resolution (2,400 x 2,400 dpi is standard) as well as color management through five-color control. These models provide reliable and exact reproduction of source material, whether it's taken from an existing physical document or produced new through one of a myriad of compatible software platforms.

  • Kodak
  • fujitsu
  • Canon
  • HP, Xerox
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Document Management Solutions


What is Document Management?
Document Management: is the systematic process of digitizing, storing, managing and retrieving documents. By coordinating and controlling the flow of electronic and paper documents, a company can ensure their information is securely and efficiently accessed.
Using Document Management you can:
Respond Immediately to inquiries and more responsive to customers
Enhance information Security and protect against data loss and damage
Increase employee productivity and office efficiency
Enable all employees file, distribute and share informarion taking the burden off admins
FReclaim Valuable office Space by eliminating file cabinets and piles of paperwork
Reduce wasted time spent retrieving documents
Ensure compliance with governmental regulatory requirements

Save Time, Money & Increase Productivity

The Act of Filing and Retrieving Documents with a DMS is Faster, Costs Less Money
Eliminate the Practice of Multiple Departments Filing Redundant Copies of the Same Documents
Have Access to your Documents from Any Computer in the World with Internet Access
Never Lose a Document and the Cost of Replacing Lost Documents
Document is Always Available, even if someone else is using it (documents can be viewed simultaneously by several co-workers)
Reclaim Valuable Office Space currently housing Filing Cabinets and Banker's Boxes of Files
Stop spending Money every Month for Off-Site Document Storage of Paper Document

Provide "Knock your Socks Off" Customer Service
When Customers, Subscribers, Partners, etc. call for information, you have immediate access to the documents that store that information
Never put a customer on "Hold" or have to call them back (after retrieving document)
Quickly Email, Print or Fax Document(s) to satisfy the inquiry immediately

Makes your Office Green & Sustainable
Decrease the need for Paper, Ink & Toner
Use Less Power on Less Printing and Copying Devices
Maintain Less Office Space for File Cabinets & Bankers Boxes
Eliminates the need to Mail, Ship any Paper Documents

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Copy Editing Services
Our Editorial team consists of Copy editors, Technical editors, who work according to internationally accepted guidelines and standards for copy-editing services. Pune also being an educational hub gives us access to a wealth of highly qualified editorial team. They are highly educated and knowledgeable in language syntax and various writing techniques to suit various audiences. Our technical editing team is strong in subject matter content and is hired from their respective industries. We have editors knowledgeable in the fields, including but not limited to Literature, Art, Math, Science, etc... Versatile PreMedia editors are trained to meticulously review the content and ensure all elements including alignment, art, syntax, spell, are all perfect and as per intended use. With us authors and publishers can be assured that their content is in good hands.
1.Copy-editing services
2.Technical Editing services
3.Pre-editing services

Art Work and Illustration Services
Our group of illustrators and visual artists can manage Lineart, Halftone and Line & Overall tone in b/w as well as color; whatever your need, we provide you with book designs that are of the finest quality and provides your guides the entertaining advantage over your opponents.
2.Graphic Design
3.Style Kit (Logo, Letter Head, Envelope, etc.)

Proofreading Services

Proofreading is a skill acquired through enormous practice and experience. The typographical errors affect the performance standards in terms of productivity and quality of the work we do.
Our team of proofreaders is well versed in dissecting every word of the content and corrects the errors and inconsistencies. Our Proofreaders not only correct the errors and spellings but they also correct the emphasis of the content like hyphens, bold, italics and so on to bring up an aesthetic look and feel.
Key Benefits:
1.Coherently elegant text, without typos and other simple errors.
2.Intrinsic statement to your readers that they are delivered with quality reading experience.
3.Your vision of success with Quality delivery to your readers is fulfilled.
Versatile PreMedia eBook production Team has a deep knowledge of the publishing industry and reading communities. Our team of skilled professionals transforms the printed books and/or the digital content into eBooks. We also enhance an eBook by embedding right media content such as audio, video, interactivity, annotation, cross references, footnotes, links to Web pages and social websites. The transformation of eBooks and enhanced eBooks greatly helps various authors and publishers . Versatile adopts latest standards and technologies like HTML5, CSS3, ePub3, Android and native frameworks of iOS.
Digitisation Service
Versatile PreMedia specialises in digitisiting volumes of books and journals, including rare and fragile items, resulting in improved access to your organization’ s collection while providing a digital image ideal for archival storage.

Digitisation Service
books digitisation service
Image capturing
Image processing and enhancement
Quality Assurance Process
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Conversion to PDF
Copies of raw images (JPEG), quality assured images (TIFF) and final output (PDF)

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A Practicle Approach to Information

What if new information and records management practices could dramatically improve productivity across your organization? A discovery session will identify your record management objectives. We evaluate your current program and design an end-to-end workflow that covers the lifecycle of your records. Our experienced team will walk you through the deployment process and ensure every stage of implementation is executed to your specifications. We will show you how to continuously optimize your business processes for increased efficiency and productivity.

Discover Information Management

Changing the way you manage documents and records may seem like an overwhelming project, but with SES, you’re in good hands. We start with a discovery session where we uncover what you want to achieve. Then we build a practical Records Management Solution designed to get you there as painlessly as possible, in a timely fashion, and with the biggest value for your investment.

Design an Information Management Strategy

During the design phase, our ultimate goal is to help you streamline productivity through better management of your information. We start by evaluating your current information and records management program, then we map out an end-to-end workflow that covers the lifecycle of your records, including capturing, managing and archiving.

Deploy Information Management Solutions

With your customized records management plan in place, we’ll get started on implementation and deployment. Our experienced team will walk you through the process, and ensure every stage of implementation is executed to your specifications, from high quality document scanning to taking the necessary steps to maintain privacy measures and industry compliance.

Optimize Your Information

When you’ve started operating digitally, you’ll notice the immediate benefits and convenience only an electronic environment can bring. At this stage, we’ll help you fine-tune your system and processes by automating and optimizing business processes to maintain the increased efficiency and productivity you have already experienced.

Our Happy Clinets

We support with the prompt, efficient services that will optimize their usefulness.

The benefits of SES Services

  • Save money and time.
  • Focus your budgets on competitive advantage rather than infrastructure.
  • Gain immediate access to the latest innovations.
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